These are summaries of the result investigations of complaints that have been made directly to the Office of the Police Commissioner:

Complaint #19004 - A complaint was made that the Charlottetown Police Services (CPS) were negligent and unprofessional in a criminal investigation.  The complainant felt that the investigators did not conduct complete and through searches utilizing all resources available to them during their investigation.  The complaint also felt that a member of the CPS made inappropriate comments to the media.

The role of the Police Commissioner is not to determine whether a police service's investigatory decisions are right or wrong.  Our role is to determine whether or not the conduct in question violates the Code of Professional Conduct and Discipline Regulations.  A review of the explanation provided by the Chief of  Charlottetown Police Services and the investigation undertaken by them was completed by our office.  We found no evidence of neglect of duty or unprofessional behavior by members of the CPS and no violation of the Code of Professional Conduct and Discipline Regulations.