Investigations and SIRT Reports

SIRT Reports and Investigations carried out under the mandate of the Office of the Police Commissioner (PDF Files)

RCMP conduct investigation into Charlottetown Police Service, no charges laid  OPC File 2021-001 - RCMP directed by Minister of Justice and Public Safety .to conduct criminal investigation into actions of members of Charlottetown Police during after an altercation on a mental health check after complaint received at the Office of the Police Commissioner.  Investigation found no grounds for criminal charges.

SIRT Report 2018-016 dated March 1, 2019 regarding a May 27, 2018 shooting by two Summerside Police Officers. Report concluded that the actions of the two officers were justified considering the circumstances they faced. 

SIRT Report 2017-036 dated June 12, 2018 regarding a December 4, 2017 incident involving discharge of a firearm by an RCMP Officer leading to a non-life threatening injury. Subject Officer's actions found to be justified.

SIRT Report 2017-034 dated March 6, 2018 regarding a November 10, 2017 incident in which Subject Officer was alleged to have assaulted another person. No basis for criminal charges found.

Report of Investigation by Charlottetown Police Services dated July 26, 2017 regarding an incident involving an alleged assault by a Summerside Police Officer. It was determined that there was no reasonable expectation of a conviction.

Report of Investigation by the Office of the Police Commissioner dated June 12, 2017 regarding admission of a cadet to the Atlantic Police Academy. It was determined that the cadet was admitted to the Academy despite disclosures during the admissions process that should have disqualified him.

Report by the RCMP dated February 17, 2017 regarding a review of a Charlottetown Police Services investigation . The review found that there was no favouritism during the investigation.

Investigatory reports from prior years are available upon request.