Office of the Police Commissioner

The Office of the Police Commissioner was established in order to provide independent oversight of the conduct of officers of municipal police services, the University of Prince Edward Island security service, conservation officers and the Atlantic Police Academy. Where a person has had an encounter with a member of one of these services which they believe violates the Code of Conduct that person can complain to either the chief officer of that service or to the Office of the Police Commissioner.

The Office, when directed by the Minister, also ensures that the services mentioned in the Police Act comply with Ministerial Directives regarding the manner of delivery and quality of police services.

It DOES NOT provide oversight on complaints concerning the the conduct of RCMP officers.  Complaints regarding the conduct of RCMP officer may be made at any RCMP Detachment or to the Civilian Review and Complaints Commissioner(CRCC) for the RCMP at or phone 1-800-665-6878